Croatia – Hrvatska

We started our road trip from Wales in the U.K to Croatia (Hrvatska). It turned out to be one of those holidays where you think it is all going to go wrong! Luckily though it was fantastic and Croatia is certainly a Country I will visit again.


The journey was long in the car, then ferry then car again. We planned to camp in the camping resort Lanterna the entire holiday but unfortunately the lovely campsite was spoilt by large groups of various nationalities who were very very noisy at night. Partying into the next day is not my thing, especially when I like to sleep at night and take in the sights by day. Well after a few nights of no sleep ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! My husband was marvelous, after a particularly rough night trying to settle a 2 year old with all the noise around us, he decided to find us alternative accommodation….I was completely oblivious of course and basically slept the day away! When I woke he told me we were packing up and going to a rented apartment (Yey!)
Bonus the apartment in Mareda (near Novigrad) had a washing machine, so I was happy! The apartment was amongst residents and a very short walk to a rocky beach.


The rest of our trip was amazing, once we had the right base to stay the rest just fell into place.
We travelled the coast from Mareda, Novigrad, Porec and my favourite Rovinj which has Italian architecture (due to its history) and then travelled all the way to Pula with its amphitheatre, reminiscent of Rome!


We found Croatia to be very reasonably priced but later we visited the very expensive Koper in Slovenia and Venice Italy within the same trip. I am yet to blog those. If you ever get the chance to visit Croatia, it is a must, the people are friendly and helpful and the country is so beautiful.






Author: travellingigo

Welsh, wandering about. It is all about new experiences and loving life. I have a desire to emigrate to Australia or Canada.

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