Lively Lisbon

Lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the many winding streets in Lisbon, perhaps take a ride on Tram 28 (if you can be patient to queue!) Or take a tuk tuk ride!

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One thing is for sure as with all big cities watch your purse & wallet! Keep your wits about you and use common sense.

The streets are filled with bars, restaurants and quaint cafes. Make sure you take time out to stop and people watch.

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I recently enjoyed meandering around the streets of Lisbon, then when too tired to walk I took a ride on a tuk tuk. This was far better than the Tram 28 option which is a tourist go to stop. The queue for this tram was down the street and the people looked mightily squashed into each other’s armpits on the tram! Now I am sure the tram is great and I did want to go on it but no no I don’t think, so off on a tuk tuk I went!!


The tuk tuk tour took me around all the major tourist stops. There was an opportunity to get off the tuk tuk for 10 minutes at a time to go inside churches or view the beautiful vista of Lisbon from Alfama. The driver was so informative and humorous giving information, history and guidance on Lisbon. It was very much worth the money we paid and it was great fun and certainly one of the highlights of my time in Portugal.

The hill tram – Ascensor da Gloria is worthy of a trip. You can walk it but it’s a good experience  (it is located across the road and more or less opposite from the Hard Rock Cafe) I found the return tickets good value for a family of four (best to have the right amount when boarding). There is always a queue to go up, but not so much going back down.  At the top you will be met by a scenic view of Lisbon. 

Here you will pass legal graffiti artists showing their art work. The street vibe and feel for the city is very much evident.


I love the country and peace a quiet but even I was taken with Lisbon and will certainly make a return journey there.


Author: travellingigo

Welsh, wandering about. It is all about new experiences and loving life. I have a desire to emigrate to Australia or Canada.

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