Sintra Portugal

Sintra in Portugal is beautiful but so busy! Car owners will need to search for car parking and expect to walk. When entering Sintra we were a little confused in what direction to go in, we found the directions in the area poor but we managed to find what we wanted to when visiting. The shops hidden in the little cobbled lanes in Sintra are quaint and whimsical in design, beware though people were slipping all over the place on the cobbles!

The higher you go the more splendid the view. You will see the Moorish Sintra National Palace with twin chimneys and tilework. There is a hilltop 19th century Pena National Palace.


We chose to have a very reasonably priced tuk-tuk ride up to the hill top palace. Which was amazing! It added to the experience and the guide was so hilariously funny! I would certainly recommend a tuk-tuk ride!

When reaching the ticket office we decided to walk through the gardens which lead up to the Pena National Palace. The tickets were quite expensive for a family of four so we only paid to go through the garden and not to enter the palace.

IMG_1998Even though we did not enter the palace we felt we did the right thing as the queue for the entry at the top of the hill was over 2 hours long! I know I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait and what we viewed was enough, the experience was still a very positive one. The views and surroundings were beautiful. Here’s to the next time!